Unlimited Bike tour – the best way to see Washington D.C.’s Monuments.

What To Buy in Singapore

While Singapore is not the bargain-basement it used to be 20 or 30 years ago, it is still one of the world’s best shopping destinations, with glitzy malls, high-street shops and authentic bazaars where you can find virtually everything you can think of, from the latest in electronics and gadgets to Chinese religious art, and from colorful Indian batiks to top designers boutiques, and at relatively low prices, especially when compared to Europe and the US. This mini-guide will take you through ten things that are worth buying in Singapore.

Top 10 Hotels in Derry

Derry is Northern Ireland’s second city and is the central destination for the north west of Ireland. It is also a popular attraction for tourists and visitors, who enjoy both Derry’s modern culture and its historical (recent and older) significance to the island of Ireland. If you are visiting this interesting, fun and historical Irish city, our Top 10 Derry Hotels guide will help you select the perfect place to stay.

5 Important Landmarks Of London

When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford. The famous quote by Samuel Johnson proves to be right from ancient times to the present day. London, a cosmopolitan city boasts of its benefits in all aspects. We bring you a telescopic view into the London’s most celebrated landmarks.

A Week in Reykjavik

The history and landscape of Iceland has always been captivating to me, here I recount a visit to the Capital, Reykjavik. The plan was to see whales and the Northern Lights, but would the weather allow it?

Branford CT Historic Homes: Swain-Harrison House

In Branford’s quaint business district around the old town green stands the Swain-Harrison House, a classic Connecticut saltbox colonial home that today serves as the Branford Historical Society’s headquarters. The Swain-Harrison House at 124 Main Street, Branford is a dark red two and a half story structure with a five-bay Colonial clapboard facade. It is the oldest extant building in the Canoe Brook Historic District around the old town green.

Fairfield CT Historic Homes: David Ogden House

Fairfield, Connecticut’s David Ogden House was built in 1750 and is an exceptionally well preserved example of a mid 18th Century Connecticut farmhouse. It was built in the style of a traditional saltbox with a lean-to roofline and massive central stone chimney topped with brick. The exterior is composed of hand-hewn shingles and brick red windows, door and trim overlooking Brown’s Brook in the Mill River Valley.

Norwalk CT Historic Luxury Homes: Lockwood-Mathews Mansion

One of New England’s finest examples of a Second Empire style country luxury home is the Lockwood-Mathews Mansion in Norwalk, Connecticut. Built in 1864 by LeGrand Lockwood, this stunningly elegant white stone mansion is widely regarded to be the first true summer estate built in the northeast.

Shantang Street – The Jewel in the Crown of Suzhou, China

Sometimes the most beautiful places can be hard to find. Shantang Street, thousands of years old, a mecca for local and international travellers is a must see destination in Suzhou city, China.

Moving to Portugal: Sights and Attractions in Lisbon

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and the country’s largest city. It is estimated that Lisbon Metropolitan Area is home to over 2,831,000 people. Whether you are planning to move to Portugal and want to visit this city, or you are already living here, there are a few places that you can’t miss.

Thrill Your Senses With a Stimulating Tour to Dhaka

Dhaka is one of the most popular cities of the world that are visited by a huge number of tourists. Its highlights are worthy of your visit.

Igue, The Festival Of The Ancient City

In the ancient city of Benin in Edo state, the people gather once a year. What for?

Gawk, Feast, and Shop: Philadelphia’s Italian Market

Walk in the footsteps of Rocky Balboa, see goat carcasses hanging from a butcher’s window, and munch on a Philly cheese-steak at Philadelphia’s Italian Market. The oldest and largest outdoor market in the United States offers these and many other sensations for eyes, ears, nose, and taste buds.

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