Visiting the Arctic aboard Quark’s luxury exploratory Vessel Ultramarine: Part 1 Getting There.

Ghana Life: The Garden City

Ashantis sometimes claim that their ancient capital Kumasi is the biggest city in Ghana with a population of a million people. Official figures almost halve the population, making Kumasi second to Accra. Whoever is right, it is only Kumasi that has been given the title of The Garden City.

Niagara Tours Major Historic Events to Be Re-Enacted in 2012 – Commemoration of War of 1812

Historical re-enactments of the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812 will suffuse life in the Niagara region in 2012. there will be celebrations to honour Canadian regiments, militia units and first nations partisans. This mix of colonial forces consolidated gains and shared losses with their fellow warriors, many paying in blood for their loyalty to the Canadian cause. There will be many Niagara Tours offered. Americans view the War of Independence as the crucible in which their nationhood was forged. Canadians fought for their land and way of life in the War of 1812. Historians now regard that struggle as the anvil on which their mettle as a people was tested, and made true.

10 Great Ways to Beat the Seattle Rain

It can be a drag living in a place that gets a lot of rain. Seattle’s rain is a well-documented phenomenon. For the sake of keeping one’s sanity, it is important to find ways to cope. Here are 10 great ways to avoid the rain.

Chinese New Year in London

Chinese New Year is one of the biggest events that takes place in London. Whether you’re a London native or a tourist travelling from abroad, celebrating the Chinese New Year in the English capital is an event to remember.

Newark, New Jersey

One of the largest cities in New Jersey, Newark resides by the beautiful sceneries of the Hudson River. Pride in few architectural gems, museums and a great transportation hub, a holiday in Newark is a worthwhile trip. Take your families for a great time in the city of Newark this vacation to enjoy the vibrant downtown and to steal glorious views of the century long architectural icons.

The Lake District’s Lost Railway

I love maps of The Lake District and take great pleasure in the tiny detail of the 1:25,000 series. There is nothing better than spreading out on the carpet with a map of central Lakeland and a steaming cup of tea. That’s what long winter nights are for, planning your summer adventures!

The Best Cocktail Bars In Brighton

A review of four of the best cocktail bars in Brighton on the south coast of the UK. Whether you like small, intimate places or large open spaces, there’s somewhere in the city for you to enjoy.

Parks in Birmingham

Spend any time in Birmingham and you will soon be told that the city has more miles of canals than Venice. Although the citizens are rightly proud of this, Birmingham also has a surprising amount of parks and green spaces. Although Birmingham became important as an industrial city, the suburban areas were designed to be deliberately green.

Popular Movies and Television Shows Set in Miami

Miami’s tropical weather, beautiful locations and vibrant culture have made the area an extremely popular setting for many movies and television shows. Miami itself is one of the largest film production and distribution centres, not just in the USA, but the entire world. Some truly memorable scenes from many classic productions have been shot in and around Miami, so it’s likely for visitors to spot a familiar location when travelling through the area.

Museums in Manchester

Manchester’s days of being regarded simply as an industrial city are long gone, as a number of developments and the opening of some of the country’s finest museums and galleries have earned Manchester increasing recognition as a cultural capital. Manchester’s museums celebrate various aspects of this city’s heritage, from its founding as the Roman settlement of Mamucium, through its landmark industrial achievements and right up to the present day. Remains of Manchester’s ancient Roman buildings can be seen in the Castlefield district, while walking around the city centre, and in outlying districts that offer numerous striking examples of…

Fifth Avenue – New York

Fifth Avenue is renowned as being one of the most prestigious and expensive streets in the world. It is located in central Manhattan and stretches from 143rd street in Harlem all the way to Washington Square. Fifth Avenue is known primarily as a shopping district.

New York: Columbus Circle

New York City is full of interesting historical landmarks. You could walk down any of the thousands of streets and not even know you are passing by places which were pivotal locations in the history of the Empire State. One such landmark is Columbus Circle in New York City.

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