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5 Best Cities in Europe for Stag and Hen Weekends

If you are looking to take a stag or hen group abroad for a long weekend, there are some excellent options across Europe. Popular cities such as Amsterdam, Paris and Prague are always popular, whilst new locations such as Tallinn, Helsinki and Berlin have gained popularity in recent years. Below a look at 5 of the best places in Europe for a stag or hen weekend.

Marriage Requirements in the Dominican Republic

Foreigners getting married in the Dominican Republic must be aware about the necessary requirements for performing the marriage: the necessary documents, the fact that all documents must be translated into Spanish by a certified, how to obtain valid translations. Find out about these requirements prior to traveling and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Call The Midwife Walk

A Call the Midwife walk through the Poplar of the 1950’s. The Olympic Walk is the most popular tour in East London at the moment but there’s far more to see on a Call the Midwife walk thru parts of the Docklands and the old East End.

School Trips to Cantabria, Spain

Located at the very top, central part of Spain, Cantabria is called “Green Spain” for its lush vegetation that runs on the strip of land from the Bay of Biscay in the north to the Cantabrian Mountains. The capital of the area is the large city of Santander, which has a plethora of history and culture that dates back to the Roman Empire. Not only does the region of Cantabria boast exceptional beaches and port cities, it is also the richest region in the world for its archaeological finds from the Upper Palaeolithic Period. The Cuevas de Altamira are an excellent example of the ancient history you can see on your school trips to the region. While there, once you have seen all of Santander and the ancient cave art, head over to the Bilbao & Guggenheim Museum to see a sample of more modern works of art.

A Menorca Villa Holiday – Your Questions Answered

If you are considering a Menorca villa holiday for the first time, you may find the following frequently asked questions and answers to be of some help in persuading you to take your holiday plans to the next step! What sort of holidaymaker would suit a Menorca villa holiday? This is a small island (around 48 kilometres by 16) and one that lacks what might be termed ‘vast resorts’.

School Trips to Explore Magical Prague

Prague is the capital and the largest city of the Czech Republic, and with almost two million inhabitants, and a history that dates back 1,100 years, it is indisputable that Prague makes an excellent destination on the itinerary of school trips. As a major hub of art, history, business, media, and education there is plenty to do and see to keep you busy in the city for days. While you are there, be sure to wander along the Charles Bridge, which connects the Old Town with the Lesser Town. Take time to explore the Old Town, which itself is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, before visiting the Hradcany Castle and, finally, make sure you don’t miss the Josefov [the Jewish Ghetto].

University Trips in Dubai: Exploring the Future

For students of business, management or finance, an understanding of the way economics function around the world is invaluable. University trips are a superb way to deepen this understanding – it’s one thing to read about overseas companies and markets, but another thing entirely for students to see them in action. As one of the most dynamic business centres in the world, synonymous with luxury and cutting-edge development, Dubai is a dream destination for business students – here are just a few of the reasons why.

A Menorca Villa Holiday – The Best Way to See the Island

A Menorca villa based holiday is your opportunity to actually live on this incredible Balearic island and experience its unique attractions and lifestyle. What makes a Menorca villa holiday unique? Over the past 20-30 years, the choice available for summer holidays has hugely increased.

Menorca Villa Holidays for a Unique Leisure Experience

The island of Menorca offers a unique opportunity to see Balearic life as it existed before the advent of mass tourism. On Menorca, villa based holidays offer you the flexibility and freedom of choice necessary to ensure of that you get the most out of this fascinating island.

Top Restaurants In Menorca

An evening out at one of the restaurants highlighted in this article may well be the highlight of your stay in the Balearics. You will be treated to outstanding service and a range of culinary delights to send your tastebuds into ecstasy. And when you feel that you can eat no more, you’ll only have a short drive or even a walk back to one of the many great Menorca villas on the island.

School Trips to Tokyo, Japan

As the largest city in Japan and one of the most influential cities in the world [and one of its most populated metropolis], Tokyo is an ideal place to venture on school trips. Don’t be overwhelmed by its size and style, Tokyo is also steeped in a world of history and art – it’s well worth delving into this to understand this complicated and unique city. As you land at one of the two airports serving Tokyo, notice the urban sprawl that stretches far out past the high rises of the centre as you head inwards.

School Trips in Munich: The Top Three Galleries

Bursting with style and lined with imposing architecture, the streets of Munich offer Art and Design school trips like nowhere else. The capital of Bavaria is a vibrant city full of great photography and sketching opportunities, with plenty of shopping and leisure activities to keep young learners excited in between visits to some of Europe’s best galleries. While any of Munich’s galleries and museums, from the grandest to the smallest, offers something new and interesting, here are some top picks.

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