Who started the Smithsonian Institute? James Smithson and his Castle.

Top 3 Best Places For Fall Foliage In Wisconsin

Abundant woodlands filled to the brim with maple, oak, and birch trees – Wisconsin’s built for autumn. Here’s 3 of the best places for fall colors in Wisconsin.

Why You Should Visit Marrakech In Morocco

All the interesting places and things to do in Marrakech. A small personal guide to its secrets.

Five Of America’s Most Overlooked Cities

The US is blessed with some of the world’s best city break destinations – New York, Chicago and Los Angeles to name but three. But stateside visitors who stick to better-known locations can be missing out on some gems. We extol the virtues of top five most overlooked US cities.

Top 5 Tips For A Bruges Christmas Break

Bruges is the perfect Christmas break destination. Make the most of this most magic of Belgian cities with our top five tips.

Wellington – New Zealand’s Film Capital

People who visit New Zealand often have a keen interest in the country’s nature, culture and lifestyle. We’re known as a green and beautiful centre of adventure and ecotourism but, recently, we’ve been thrust into the spotlight for our innovation and success in film and media.

Sri Lanka Travel: From Colombo to Galle

The tear-drop shaped island in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, has come a long way since the times of the civil war that ravaged the country. Going by the number of tourists visiting the island every year, it is obvious that the island has experienced a resurgence and nowhere is this more visible than in Galle and the capital Colombo.

The Beginner’s Guide To The Murray River

Everyone has heard of the Amazon and the Nile, the two longest navigable rivers in the world, but which river holds the third place position? Australia’s Murray River is the third longest in the world at a whopping 2520 kilometres in length. The Murray makes its way through three Australian states, Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia. The river isn’t just known for its length – the Murray has played a crucial role in the country’s history.

What Is Great About North America?

Follow the heartbeat of North America through a series of tall forests, wavy fields, vast deserts, bustling metropolises and wonderful oases. So whether you are planning to dive into the exhilarating whirlwind of New York City, or walk down the steep slopes of the Great White North, the North America is a continent whose boundless menu of activities and sights allow you to calibrate your itinerary to whatever level of adventure you choose.

The Best Places To Visit in South America

One of the best places to visit in South America is Peru, particularly Northern Peru. As a matter of fact, many travel forum members would recommend it to everyone who is heading to South America. Peru is quite often overlooked but this particular side of the country definitely is a budget’s traveler’s goldmine with access to archeological sites, great beaches and the birthplace of ‘ceviche’ – a (spicy) seafood Salad native to the coastal regions in South America.

Musee Du Louvre in Paris Is the Most Famous Museum in the World

The Musee du Louvre is the most visited of all museums in Paris and is also the foremost well known museum throughout the world. The museum has such spectacular collections from drawings through to sculptures and paintings through to ancient artefacts, that the Louvre gets millions of visitors every year.

Girly Weekend in York

Since York was voted the best and most beautiful British city in the UK (beating Bath and Edinburgh to the post!) visits to the city have become ever so popular with families, couples young and old and girls looking to get away for the weekend.

5 Reasons to Go to Vietnam

A number of holiday-makers are eager to be mesmerized by the many attractions sprawled all over the amazing country of Vietnam. There’s certainly quite a significant amount of growth in terms of prosperity, and it surely has become one of the premiere destinations for holiday makers who are aiming to get a good taste of Asia and everything else it has got to offer. Many different sites and sights are certain to attract your interest. Nevertheless, if you need more than just these, perhaps you would wish to delve further into the following reasons as well.

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