Amazing Trulli house in Alberobello Italy. Most beautiful vacation.

National Parks Near Banyan Tree Phuket And Bangkok

Thailand is one of the few countries in Asia that was able to preserve its natural beauty. Teeming with lush virgin forests, rolling mountain ranges, steep rivers and extensive coastlines, this country is undoubtedly a wonder to behold. If you are planning to book a few days stay in the Banyan Tree Bangkok or Banyan Tree Phuket, you should check out the world-class nature spots and reserves that Thailand offers. That way, you get a greater appreciation of what this kingdom is all about.

Getting To Know Thailand’s Capital: A Banyan Tree Bangkok Guest Adventure

Bangkok is known as Thailand’s capital city, but it is also the country’s largest urban area, measuring at 1,569 sq. kilometers and hosting a population of 12 million people. It is divided into 50 districts and about 159 sub-districts, with modes of transportation catering to its river, road, and railway systems. It is considered the economic center of Siam and contains most of its commercial establishments including malls, businesses, factories and hotels like the Banyan Tree Bangkok. So far, it has registered 1,000 skyscrapers; not to mention those that are currently being developed. For decades, its main economic centers are Sathon and Asok, which today has expanded to Ratchadaphisek, covering more than 5 kilometers.

A Virtual Walking Tour of Philadelphia – Claes Oldeburg’s Clothespin

On this segment of the virtual walking tour, imagine that you’ve just past through a windswept plaza between a couple of nondescript office buildings in downtown Philadelphia. You can see Philadelphia’s City Hall in front of you, and then you turn around and you see…

A Virtual Walking Tour of Philadelphia – Love Park and the Ben Franklin Parkway

It’s not the only LOVE sculpture, and it’s not the first, there are a couple dozen around the country. It’s a work of the Pop Art movement, and like Andy Warhol’s thousands of Marilyn Monroes, mass production is kind of the point. There’s another one across the Schuylkill on the University of Pennsylvania’s campus, in fact.

A Virtual Walking Tour of Philadelphia – Liberty Place and the Gentlemen’s Agreement

Imagine yourself standing at the corner of Chestnut St. and 17th St, in the heart of Philadelphia’s business and shopping district. Look up, these are the Liberty Place towers, One Liberty Place to the left and the slightly shorter Two Liberty Place to the right. Liberty is a good name in this town, the Cradle of Liberty, as they say, home of the Liberty Bell, but it comes to be more of a snide comment if you ask “Liberty from what?”

I Went Shopping Today

An emotional tour of earthquake stricken Christchurch. How I now view my home town which has been devastated.

Some of the Major Cities in India

India is known to foreigners as the land of sages and is known for its glorious past and heritage. There are a number of monuments and places in India where you can visit. India is amongst the oldest civilizations in the world and is guarded by Himalayas on the North and is surrounded by Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean in the south.

Singapore Tour Package: Welcome to the Land of Adventure and Sightseeing

If you haven’t seen Singapore, you have seen nothing! Singapore is a small but rich and vastly beautiful country nestled amidst the oceans in south-east Asia. This country is one of the most beautiful island countries in the world and certainly the biggest holiday destination.

Lincoln City – Travel With Children

Visit Lincoln City, Oregon to fly a kite on the beach, enjoy local cooking, and have fun on the Oregon coast. The kids will love the sandy beach. Mom and Dad will love the historical museum. Everyone will love the great restaurants.

5 Must See Attractions in Ybor City Florida

With many great things to do in Ybor City, it can be hard to narrow down exactly what you must see. The city has a rich history, famous bars and nightclubs, and some world-class restaurants.

Five Things To Do In And Around Dolgellau

Rich in history, Dolgellau is a market town in Southern Snowdonia. The town’s fascinating past and attractive buildings make it a popular destination for holidaymakers.

The Best Shopping Places in Beijing

The ancient city of Beijing is also the capital of China. It is a thriving metropolis that not only boasts of beautiful and scenic spots and a vast array of monuments, but also promises exciting shopping expeditions.

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