Can you believe this pink lake is in Australia?

A Super School Trip to Cornwall

When you head down to the southernmost county of England for a school trip, you can expect to get the chance to explore some beautiful natural landscapes and learn more about the fascinating history of the area, which has been settled since the Palaeolithic period. Cornwall is a much-visited place in the UK – popular with those who prefer to be outdoors for much of the time. On a school trip here, you will certainly visit the National Maritime Museum in Falmouth’s Harbour before heading north to Padstow to the National Lobster Hatchery.

University Trips to Discover the Art of Frankfurt

University trips to the fifth largest city in Germany will take you into the heart of Europe’s financial district and showcase the modern style and elegance of German efficiency and design. Frankfurt was founded in Roman times as a settlement on the Main River. The city was an important hub for the Holy Roman Empire and later played an important role in more recent international events.

Wine Tours in Temecula

Temecula is one of the places in San Diego where you can spend quality time with your family and relax. If you are visiting the place, you can not possibly have a completely thrilling experience without taking the Temecula Wine Tours. The place has beautiful vineyards and mountains that would let you enjoy the simplicity of nature while still having an adventure.

Important Do’s and Don’ts for First Time Visitors to Thailand

With many attractions, fine dining and exciting shopping, it is no wonder that airline tickets to Thailand are such a valuable commodity. However, holiday makers must keep a few important critical Do’s and Don’ts in mind to be able to enjoy their holidays completely.

Why Men Should Enjoy a Trip to a Day Spa

Undoubtedly, women are the leaders when it comes to visiting day spas, but many men still need a bit of coaxing when it comes to enjoying a visit or experimenting with the many day spa treatments currently on offer. However, there is a growing trend in men who are finding the value from enjoying treatments which are available from visiting a day spa, as many of the treatments offer ways to allow the body to relax and unwind from the pressures and stresses of daily life. Here we look at some of the popular reasons why men should enjoy a trip to a day spa.

Experience Somerset’s Beautiful Spa City, a Brief Guide

The city of Bath lays just a little way north from the famous Somerset village Glastonbury, which is famed for its annual music festival. The city is surrounded by the glorious Somerset countryside, which is also flanked by the beautiful Mendip hills, making the city of Bath perfect for anyone wanting a mix of vibrant city life and easy access to the stunning surrounding countryside. The spa city of Bath offers visitors a marvellous place for a city break destination, where you will be able to explore the city’s many iconic buildings and places of interest, which are located throughout the city. Bath is steeped in a rich historical past, which dates back to Ancient Britain when it was a settlement. Later, the city rose to prominence as an important and strategic location for the Ancient Romans when they invaded the country.

Life in Portugal: Explore the Most Beautiful Portuguese Beaches

The beaches in Portugal are world famous for their natural beauty and spectacular landscape. Some of the country’s best beaches are located in Algarve. Also known as “ilhas” (sandspits), they not only provide ramps, walkways, and footpaths directly to the sand, but also boast numerous restaurants and bars.

Illustrating Malaga: The City of Andalusia

Malaga is the autonomous community of Andalusia and the sixth largest city in Spain. The city has everlasting beauties, perpetual waters and lush surroundings. Being the capital of the Malaga province, it is a significant city of Spain.

5 Awesome Things to Do When In Davao City

Whenever you’re in Davao City, make sure that you get to spend your time at its fullest. With a wide array of activities, you will surely never run out of things to do. From the adventurous thrills down to some soothing pampering, there’s something for everybody to enjoy.

The Best Tourist Destinations and Vacation Spots in Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia is famous for its magnificent nature and two landmark structures, the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Sydney is built around its huge harbor where most of the main attractions and the city center are located at the southern shore. It is a beautiful city and you’ll find there is no shortage of things to do and see in Sydney…

Experience Lesser Town in Prague

Lesser Town also known as Mala Strana is the historic district of Prague famous for its main attractions, the Prague castle. This picturesque part of Prague clustered around the foothills of Prague was once the ruling seat of the Holy Roman Emperors.

3 Well-Loved Mexican Dishes

There is no doubt that Mexico is a place which offers a lot of attractions which tourists can revel in. It offers exotic resorts in Acapulco, awesome beaches to surf and swim in over in Cancun, and many other hot spots which you’ll certainly want to check out. However, if there’s one thing that many food enthusiasts travel there for, it’s basically, yes you guessed it, the food. Mexican food is certainly something unique, and one that offers a lot of flavors which you just may not get enough of upon trying it out.

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