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More Curious Facts About Venice

With so much having been written and said about Venice, whether in recent times or throughout history, one cannot be faulted for assuming they know everything there is to know about this unique Italian city. Canals, gondolas, Carnivale, Venice airport, water taxi services, everyone knows how that goes, right? Well…not really. You see, lurking below the well-known bits of information, there are other, less immediate, but no less interesting facts to discover. And it is those smaller tidbits that the less stereotypical Venetian tourist may want to sink their teeth into.

Hidden History in the Heart of Florence’s Art

Tucked away in the beautiful countryside of Tuscany, situated along the River Arno, Florence is often considered to be the birthplace of the Renaissance. As such, it is an ideal place for school trips focusing on the history of art. With an artistic heritage that is as deeply engrained in the city as the ancient 14th century walls and towers that used to enclose it, there is no shortage of important things to see while you are in the city. While there, you should visit the main tourist attractions such as the David, and the many stunning works of art at the Uffizi Gallery, but why not head off the beaten path and seek out a few of the other, lesser-known facts and hidden surprises in Florence?

History of Coimbatore

Coimbatore is one of the important cities of Tamil Nadu. Due to high commercial activities it is called the Manchester of South India. It is believed that the name originated from the name of the chieftain Koyan who had this region under control.

History of Jodhpur

Jodhpur is located in the Indian state of Rajasthan and is the second largest city of the state. Formerly it was known as Marwar and was a princely state. It is also called Sun City and Blue City.

A Spring Guide to Events and Activities in Bath, Somerset

The historical and cultural city of Bath offers visitors a wide range of local attractions and landmarks to visit in and around this magnificent place. There are many annual festivals, exhibitions and unique venues offering anyone visiting a thoroughly comprehensive array and mix from the arts to architecture, from the theatre to street performers, from literature events to street markets selling local produce: Bath has it all. Apart from being famous as an historical Spa city originating from times of the Roman Empire, Bath now has a superbly contemporary Thermae Spa baths for visitors to frequent and enjoy one…

The Tales of Two Cities on Menorca

There are many reasons to decide on holidaying in Menorca – some people come for the sea, others the beautiful beaches, and some come for the abundance of natural vistas and peaceful wilderness trails to enjoy. However, one great reason to book your stay in Menorca villas is to simply enjoy the island’s cosmopolitan culture. Towns such as Ciutadella and Port Mahon are bursting with culture, cuisine, and cheer – very inviting to travellers and visitors from all over the world. When you delve into the culture of this island, you’ll find a lot that’s fascinating about these welcoming towns. Just take a look below to find out more!

Gramercy Park – Nature Within the Big City

Gramercy Park represents an effort to keep nature accessible within the big city. It’s a landmark that’s cherished because of its history and appealing nature to the residents.

History of Trichy

Trichy also called Tiruchirappalli is one of the important cities of Tamil Nadu in India. It is situated on the banks of the River Cauvery. It is one of the places of historical importance as it was ruled by different kingdoms during different times that include the Cholas, Pandyas, Pallavas, Delhi Sultanate, Madurai Sultanate, Vijayanagar Kingdom, Nayaks and British.

Family Vacation in Shirdi

Shirdi, located in Maharashtra, is one of the most sought after spiritual destinations that is thronged by innumerable devotees throughout the year to visit the holy shrine of Sri Sai Baba. Shirdi is eminent for being a mystical town and the devotional influence of the place often has a spiritual impact on the tourists.

Some Visitor Highlights in Bath, Somerset: A Brief Guide

The Somerset city of Bath is the jewel in the South West’s crown as a city for visitor attractions. The city has more than its fair share of historical and contemporary places to visit when you venture to the beautiful city. Due to the city’s extensive and important heritage over the years, there are many reminders of Bath’s significant and illustrious past.

The History of the DC Metro System

The Washington, DC, Metro system is a 103-mile rapid transit system designed for District of Columbia residents and tourists as well as riders in the surrounding areas of Virginia and Maryland.  The second busiest transit system in the country after the New York City Subway, the Metro network now includes five lines, 86 stations and 106.3 miles of track. 

Appreciating Architectural Engineering in Paris, France

Paris is the capital city of France and one of the most famous cities in the world. As one of the world’s leading business and cultural centres, it is brimming with art and history. On every inch of the banks of the Seine, stunning architectural marvels stand at attention and beg to be gazed upon. With so many architecturally important structures, it is a perfect place for university trips that focus on architecture, construction and engineering. While in the city, be sure to take time to visit the Eiffel Tower, the Grande Arche at La Defense, and the Grand Palais.

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