Grand Hotel Royal – Drone over Versilia in Tuscany Italy part 2

Mumbai: An Exciting City

Mumbai is one of the most popular cities in India and offers an exciting vacation to the large number of tourists that travel to the city throughout the year. Mumbai is made up of seven districts, namely, South Mumbai, South Central Mumbai, North Central Mumbai, Western Suburbs, Harbour Suburbs and Northwest Mumbai and there are a number of budget hotels in Mumbai that offer some affordable accommodation.

Goa for Beach Fun and Serious Holidaying

Goa, the smallest state of India, is one of the most beautiful and touristic ones in the country. Where India is known for its colorful Asian cultures, Mughal art and Mughlai settings, the state of Goa has a rather European touch to it. The state comprises of small cities which have more of a scenic towns’ feel instead of that of city but every Goan city has something to offer to tourists.

How to Make San Diego Your Ideal Christmas and New Year Vacation

With so many interesting events, shopping centers and cool places to hang out; San Diego is surely a hotspot for Christmas and New Year vacations. Read this article to know about a few things which will make your stay in San Diego even more enjoyable.

Winter Restaurant Guide for the Greek Island of Paros

The Greek Island Paros of the Cyclades Islands sits in the Aegean Sea and includes many uninhabited islands and islets. It is a popular vacation destination in the summer months, but a wonderful choice for a getaway in the cooler months as well. If you are heading to Greece for a winter vacation, you might be wondering if all of your favorite eateries are still open. This guide will help you find which of the best Greek restaurants are open during the off-season.

Shirdi: A Spiritual Holiday

Shirdi is a popular town that is located in the state of Maharashtra in India and it is a famous pilgrimage center for the devotees of the saint Sai Baba, who lived in the town. There are a number of important things to see here and tourism is at a high between the months of September and November. There are also a number of hotels in town that offer some wonderful accommodation to tourists.

Charlottesville – The Place to Be

A place is known by its people and in case of Charlottesville, it is quite literal too. The city is named after the wife of King George III of England, Princess Sophia Charlotte. The Three Notched Road trade route or the present day Route 250 gave way to the city’s formation.

Top Shopping Destinations for 2012

Shopping is a language that’s internationally recognised and loved no matter where you live – usually for fashion items but also homewares, antiques, food and plenty more! There are many cities that are celebrated for their fabulous shopping possibilities, so this is a (by no means exhaustive) shortlist of some of the best shopping destinations from different parts of the world:

Keswick – A Few Ideas

Keswick is awash with activities you can do straight from your front door. Come rain or shine there are an abundance of things to keep you occupied whether it be indoor or outdoor. The choice is yours but here are just a few ideas.

Himachal Pradesh: A Summer in the Cold

Himachal Pradesh is one of the most popular states in India and is remembered for its adventure sports, friendly people and some of the most beautiful places in the country. Himachal Pradesh tourism is a big industry in the country and there are a number of wonderful places to see on a trip here. Many tourists come here to experience a holiday in the Himalayas and there are a number of hotels here that offer some great accommodation and excellent service.

Gorgeous Assam

Assam from the early pages of history was once known as the kingdom of Pragjyotisha – Kamrupa ruled by the Ahoms & Koches kings during the first millennium AD. The magical remains are still visible in the shape of the historical monuments from the old capital city of Rongpur (now-Sivasagar), Talatal Ghar – an unique architectural marvel with three stories underground & four above, Rangghar – an amphitheatre for the Ahom Kings built with indigenous variety of rice & eggs and the royal burial mounds of Caraideo, very similar to the pyramids of Egypt.

Why You Should Visit New Zealand – A Forgotten Paradise

It is possible to sum up why you should visit New Zealand in one movie title – Lord of the Rings. The sweeping, rugged landscapes are not just a backdrop in the films; they play a vital role in telling a story and creating a feeling of otherworld-ness. And while this may entice travelers to our small, isolated country, that is certainly not all we have to offer.

Best New York Attractions on $0.00 a Day!

One great New York attraction is the Brooklyn Brewery, which serves up free 1/2-hour long tours on Saturdays. Tours run from 1-4 and normally eight beers are on tap for $4 a pop. Another free New York attraction is the Chelsea galleries.

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