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Walk Into History on the Streets of Paris

Staying in one of the hostels in Paris? Budget travel is not often associated with high culture, but Paris provides a cultural experience for anyone.

How to Get the Best From Your Roman Holiday

Planning a trip to Rome can be exciting, but since Rome is considered to be one of the best vacation spots, the whole planning process could be a bit tedious. This one is a happy problem, though because what will be your most pressing concern for this trip is how you will be able to cram all the activities on a seven or ten-day trip.

Relax and Explore Paris by Foot

Staying in one of the hostels in Paris? Exploring on foot can be one of the best ways to capture the heart and soul of the city.

Surprising Discoveries to Make in Paris

The hostels in Paris attract travellers for many reasons. But behind this most visited city, there are some surprising experiences waiting to be discovered.

Top Tips for Affordable Restaurants in Paris

If you’re staying in one of the hostels in Paris, you must get out and savour the gastronomic scene. Here are some great affordable places to do just that.

5 Great Budget Restaurants to Try in Paris

Staying in one of the youth hostels in Paris and don’t have much money to splurge on luxury dining? Here are five great budget restaurants to try.

4 Great Ways to Enjoy Paris Without Spending a Fortune

Planning to stay in one of the fantastic youth hostels in Paris? Here are 4 great things for students (or those on a budget) to do in the city.

4 Affordable Learning Activities for Students Visiting Paris

Planning a visit to stay in one of the youth hostels in Paris? Check out these affordable activities to help you soak in the history and culture.

Enjoying the Attractions of Paris on a Budget

Youth Hostels offer friendly, budget accommodation when visiting Paris. Read on for more ways you can save your pennies when visiting this lovely city.

Lambertville: There’s More To Jersey Than The Shore

New Jersey is more than what we see on the reality television show of Jersey Shore. If you look closely, you will find that Jersey has great places for weekend getaways. One of those fantastic hidden spots is Lambertville.

Museums To Visit In Venice

Venice is one of the largest cities in Italy and a top holiday destination especially for art lovers. It is home to some of the most interesting museums in the world. There are several places to visit to explore art from different periods.

El Chalten: Trekking Capital of Argentina

El Chalten, located in the Southern Patagonia of Argentina is a place where people who love being in the outdoors can engage in a variety of activities, including trekking, fishing, bouldering, mountain biking, and horseback riding. Perhaps the best thing about El Chalten is not the variety of possible activities to engage in, but spectacular sceneries that serve as backdrop for all these fun and exciting experiences. The trekking capital of Argentina El Chalten is located in Argentina’s Santa Cruz Province.

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