What to do in Roanoke Virginia? Drink, Eat and party all day all night.

Visiting Belfast

Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland, has been attracting more and more tourists in recent years and has developed into a burgeoning arts and culture hub. The ease of access from mainland Britain and the city’s diverse history make it the perfect place for a city break. Many airports offer direct flights to Belfast, and with cheap ferry trips, it couldn’t be easier to explore this historically important city.

Discover the Mystique of Paris

Just say the name Paris, and it sparks vivid imagery for many. From its famous works of art, to its architectural design, culinary creations, historic landmarks, and enduring beauty, to the most trendy fashion savvy place in the world, Paris holds many distinctions. Without question, Paris is one of the most romanticized cities in the world. For some travelers, Paris signifies a romantic get away. For others, Paris may be their ultimate destination, a life long dream come true, and a virtual trip of a lifetime. There is something so magical about this special place that it keeps the first time travelers as well as the most world wise travelers yearning for more and wanting to come back for return visits.

Top Ten Places to Visit in Europe

Europe is a place that’s filled with so many fascinating locations to visit, and this would guarantee nothing but an extremely good time for the tourist who loves going on an adventure. For a truly unforgettable experience, below are some of the places that you should definitely check out when you get to visit Europe.

Egypt – A Mystic Land of Wonders

When I was a kid, Egypt was like place of my wild imaginations. My immature intelligence often allowed me to visit pyramids or watching dead mummies walking in my daydreams. One of the oldest civilizations in the world, Egypt is blessed by Nile River: a river that always sounded mystic and had no match in the world when it comes to its length. Be it death of Tutankhamun or ambitious tale of Cleopatra VII, lives of these Egyptian rulers have been synonym to Mystery. Doesn’t matter how much we trick our brains to solve these mysteries, they would always remain up in the air otherwise who would call Egypt – a mystic land of wonders.

Having a Good Time As a Tourist in London

London is a world-famous city for leisure travellers. It has abundant museums and art galleries, historic buildings and many hotels to accommodate visitors.

Where To Stay When Visiting Paramount

There are lots of different options for lodging in Paramount or its neighboring towns. With cities like Anaheim, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Santa Monica and Long Beach all within 25 to 30 minutes Paramount is a very convenient place to stay.

Visiting Paramount With The Family

While there are many places that are not easy to travel to with children, the Paramount area is not one of them. There are a ton of attractions and activities that are not only kid-friendly but can be fun for adults as well.

Reasons to Move to London

Indeed, one of the million reasons why people move to the capital city of England is to live and breathe some of the worlds’ marvelous places every day. Well, of course, that alone is hardly a reason to justify such a big decision. Leaving the place which you’d lived your entire life and moving into a foreign place for good requires a significant reason, and having second thoughts is a common thing.

Povoa De Varzim on the Costa Verde of Portugal

Located just 15 miles from Oporto in Northern Portugal, Povoa de Varzim is a major seaside resort on the Costa Verde (Green Coast). Originally a major fishing town in the area, the resort has become a delightful cosmopolitan summer retreat but still with reminders of the towns origins.

A Brief History Of Dublin

Dublin city in Ireland has its origins in the arrival of thee Vikings from Scandanavia in the 9th century. Much has happened since then including the invasion of the Normans, British rule, the Easter rising in 1916 which led to independence and, more recently, joining the EEC.

What Long Island Offers

Long Island, New York is said to be the biggest island in the United States. It is actually too big for a one-day excursion. Stretching 118 miles from the mouth of Hudson River, the island is separated from the mainland by an estuary, known as the Long Island Sound.

Long Island Vacation Planning Tips

Long Island is a favorite tourist spot of many people in the New York State. The island is about 115 miles long, from west to east. The island is home to golf courses, fine beaches, shopping venues, and luxury lifestyles.

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