How to Make Money From Home Writing

If you are looking for a way to make money from home, then why not consider writing for money. You can do this in many ways. You can write for magazines or newspapers and get paid for your articles. You can also write for online publications that pay you for your articles. And finally, you can write your own travel guidebooks.

Writing for magazines and newspapers

There are many magazines and newspapers that will pay you for your articles. Some of these include:

• Travel & Leisure

• National Geographic

• The New York Times

• The Washington Post

• The Wall Street Journal

• USA Today

• Business Week

• The Economist

• The Atlantic Monthly

• Forbes

• Time

• Newsweek

• The Chicago Tribune

• The Los Angeles Times

• The Boston Globe

• The Dallas Morning News

• The Miami Herald

• The San Francisco Chronicle

• The Christian Science Monitor

• The Christian Science Sentinel

• The Seattle Post-Intelligencer

• The Houston Chronicle

• The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

• The Philadelphia Inquirer

• The Detroit Free Press

• The Baltimore Sun

• The Kansas City Star

• The Arizona Republic

• The Denver Post

• The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

• The Cleveland Plain Dealer

• The Chicago Tribune

You can submit your articles to these publications directly by emailing them a sample of your writing. Or you can find their websites and send them your articles through their submission forms.

You can also sell your articles to these publications. This means that you have written an article about something you know well and now you want to sell it to a publication. For example, if you love to cook, then you might write an article about the best restaurants in town. If you are a chef, then you might even write an article about the best new recipes to try. Or you might write an article about how to plan a romantic dinner for two.

Travel writing for online publications

Many online publications are looking for good travel writers. These include:

• The Travel Channel


• Expedia

• Lonely Planet

• TripAdvisor

• TripSavvy

• Orbitz


• CheapTickets

• Priceline

• Orbitz

• Travelocity

• Zagat

• Orbitz

You can write for these publications in many ways. For example, you could write about the best places to visit in a certain city. Or you could write about a specific attraction that you have visited before.

You can also write about a place that you have never been to. This means that you would need to research the place that you are going to write about. Then you can write an article about what you found out about the place. You can also write about a place if you have a special interest in that place. For example, if you like hiking, then you might write an interesting article about hiking in a particular place.

Write your own travel guidebooks

Another way to make money from home is to write your own travel guidebooks.

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