Give Yourself a Raise in Travel Writing – April 2016

Side Turkey Holidays – What Makes Side Unique

Side is an old town on a peninsula. It stands in contrast with the big modern cities and resorts, since it is old and small. Side Turkey holidays are special through the charm of this little corner of Antalya, on the Mediterranean coast. The peninsula is small, from one coast one can view the other side and the sea beyond. Its clean beaches are golden and the atmosphere is very different from that of the generic beach resorts.

The Key Merits of Using a Holiday Guide

The renewing effects of travelling are well documented. It is the reason why it is so vocally advocated. It helps our subconscious get a chance to restructure itself as it learns from the new experiences that traveling has to teach. But for all its merits, planning a holiday getaway can be really trying. With so many variables to account for, it is a draining process unaided by the countless decisions that have to be made. Thankfully, there are holiday guides available to lend a hand.

4 Helpful Travel Tips for a Holiday in Turkey

Turkey is known to the world for its rich cultural heritage, and the land has become one of the hot tourist destinations for many travelers all around the world. The freedoms allowed in the republic have allowed a thriving tourism industry, which continues to attract people from all across the globe. If you have never visited Turkey before, you will quite simply, adore your first experience there. Here are a few travel tips to ensure that trip becomes etched in memory for all eternity.

The Richness of the Culture of Gujarat

Gujarat is considered to be one of the wealthiest states in the country. The state’s rich culture is evident in its dances, festivals, folk culture, weddings, dressing style of people etc.

Turkey Holidays: Marmaris Resort Tips for Travellers on a Budget

Marmaris is among the best known seaside resorts in Turkey. It is a fun-filled place, where visitors are inspired to stay awake and enjoy life, forgetting about sleep. Even when you are travelling on a budget, Marmaris is still an excellent choice, because such holiday packages feature low prices already. To make it even more economical but still entertaining, here are some useful tips for you.

Saving a 200-Year-Old Scottish Church in Quebec

With some care, this old kirk may survive to see its 200th birthday. Built in 1836, it is a lesser known, if not unknown, estate belonging to the United Church of Canada (Pastoral Charge of Argenteuil), but it began life as a Presbyterian church.

Things You Should Know Before Travelling To Ixatapa Beach

If you want to get rid from the chilling weather of your area then Ixatapa Beach in Mexico can become your perfect tourism destination. But before you go there, it’ll be better if you get familiar with some of its basic information that I’ve shared in this article.

Dubai: Championing Human Creativity

“Numberless are the world’s wonders, but none more wonderful than man.” – Sophocles – If you ever wondered about the creativity of the human mind and what masterpieces it can produce, you need to look no further than Dubai. The city is home to the most magnificent architectural monuments that the world has ever seen.

Puerto Princesa City Tour: Enjoying an Unforgettable Day in Paradise

The tourism industry of Puerto Princesa improved greatly after the UNESCO declared the famous underground river as a world heritage site. Apart from the river, the city offers many interesting places to adventurous tourists. With a Puerto Princesa City tour, visitors can appreciate the beauty of the city even more.

Forest in the City – Angrignon Park, Montreal

Although sandwiched between an awkward mass of commercial development and residential property, the 97-hectare Angrignon Park still manages to be a significant natural retreat. Situated in southwest Montreal, Canada, access to the park is assured for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers by the presence of a metro station (subway), bike path, and several parking lots. This accessibility is important in designing green spaces in urban areas; the simpler it is to get there, the more the space will be used.

Spring Break Has Sprung in Destin and the Northern US Recovers From a Hard Winter

Destin Florida springs in to action to welcome Spring breakers. There is plenty of fun to be had by families and students coming to Destin on Spring break.

Honen Matsuri Aka The Spring Penis Festival

This is about a extremely unique festival in Japan! It is called the Honen Matsuri or the Penis Festival. The town gets together every March 15 to celebrate the blessings of prosperity and fertility! It is a one of a kind festival that you will not want to miss!

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