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Best Places to Visit in Beijing

Beijing is the capital city of China. It was also formerly called Peking. This city has some of the most popular destinations for travelers. Not only does it have beautiful and historical sites, it is also rich in culture. To learn the top 5 best places to visit in Beijing, continue reading below.

5 Simple Ways to Avoid Pick-Pocketers on the Holidays

Going on a holiday is always an exciting venture especially if you are traveling to an exotic place that you have never been before. Such experiences though can be very frustrating and get ruined if you or someone with you became victims to pickpockets. Though not all tourists fall victim to such misadventures, the sad truth is that many fall prey to such circumstances.

Eden Valley Castles

Evidence of Cumbria’s violent history can be found in the numerous forts and castles across the county. Hadrian’s Wall is perhaps the biggest and most popular reminder of these battle days and is eternally popular.

Visiting Beautiful Hong Kong for Your Next Vacation!

If you have never visited Hong Kong, you are in for an amazing adventure. The Island city is a jewel in the Orient, and planning a visit to Hong Kong will leave you with beautiful memories and the wish to return as quickly as possible. The diversity of Hong Kong’s terrain, encompassing both urban and rural aspects, will leave you awestruck.

5 Sights You Shouldn’t Miss in Singapore

To a whole lot of people, Singapore might be a really small country. However, that does not suggest it’s quite lacking. In fact, there are factually thousands of holiday-makers visiting Singapore yearly simply as a result of the variety of tourist hot spots you may check out. There are numerous attractions in store for you. However, it all really depends upon what you want to go see. If you’re the adventurous type, below are 5 sights you shouldn’t miss in Singapore.

Christmas in the Lake District

There are lots of things to do and see in the Lake District during December and not all of it involves climbing mountains or entertaining children! Weekdays tend to be quiet but there is lots of entertainment over the weekends in the run up to Christmas.

Why Is the Yellowhead Trail in AB Canada, Called the Yellowhead Trail?

The Yellowhead Trail or Yellowhead Highway or Highway 16, part of the Trans-Canada Highway system, is one of the two highways that connect east and west Canada. Read this article for details.

Kerala Tours: Some Obvious Choices

A lot has been already said and written about Kerala, but nothing can describe the essence of blissful beauty of the land other than the simple phrase, “God’s Own Country”. As you walk down the sun-kissed beaches, smell the aroma of fresh spices and talk to locals working on water-logged rice farms you will encounter several shades of its angelic beauty. Kerala continues to impress you throughout.

Key Places to Visit in the Holy Land

Are you planning to visit Israel? Go on a Holy Land tour and learn more about the country and its important locations. Read on and find out the different places that may be part of your itinerary

The Favorite Sport of Cuba

The Cuban people love sports and admire physical prowess, which is one reason why the ballet is so venerated. However, no sport is closer to the hearts of nearly every Cuban as baseball, long considered an American sport but which is the official sport of Cuba.

Cathedral and Clubs of Cuba

Cuba is a fascinating mixture of the old and the new, the secular and the religious. In fact, Cuba is home to many religions and is one of the few countries who can boast a history of its various religions living in relative harmony.

Cuban Cuisine – A Medley of the World’s Best Flavors

Cuba has been the destination for several cultures over the centuries. Its culture and customs are a fusion of African, Spanish, Dutch and French to name just a few.

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