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A Quick Guide to the 5 Ferry Ports of Batam, Indonesia

The island of Batam, Indonesia is a top destination for travelers on business or holiday. That’s why the island has numerous ferries going to and from neighboring countries such as Singapore and Malaysia. But which ferry should you take, and which port should you arrive at? This article will help you choose.

Visiting Milan for Its History and Fashion

As the second largest city in Italy, and one of the hottest places in the world for fashion and design, it is no wonder that Milan is an ideal destination for art and design or history based university trips. Settled around 400 BC, Milan has played a major role in world events ever since – including its stint as the head of the Roman Empire (286 to 402 AD), its place of prominence in the High Middle Ages, its role of resistance during the World War Two, and, today, its prime position as Italy’s financial, commercial, and industrial capital.

3 Of the Best European Cities

The best European cities need to have a mixture of fun and culture and a variety of things to do and see, so here are just 3 of the best European cities: London – London is a city of culture, fashion and much else. You can stroll or ride in the Royal parks or enjoy a boat trip on the Serpentine or the Thames. See the world’s famous people in wax at Madame Tussauds, or travel to the planetarium at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich to explore the stars and galaxies, via the amazing astronomy related…

Discover the Olympic Legacy on University Trips in London

With the 2012 Summer Olympic Games fast approaching, university educators in the UK are uniquely placed to take advantage of the world’s greatest sporting event and enhance their students’ understanding of a diverse range of subjects and topics. Art and Design, Architecture, Urban Planning, Sports, Business Studies, and Travel and Tourism can all be explored on university trips to the Olympic venues in London. Whether during the build-up to the Games or after them, there is a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to be gained from such a visit. Read on for a taste of what there is to see and learn at the site of this historic event.

Early Summer Visitor Events in Bath During June

People often visit the spa city of Bath for a well earned city break, to enjoy one of the city’s therapeutic spa treatments at the prestigious Thermae Bath Spa or to wander throughout the city explores the city’s many famous landmarks. This famous city, well known for its Georgian architecture, also offers visitors a wealth of attractions around the city, as well as busy arts and festival calendar annually. Springtime is when the festival season really begins its momentum, so by June the festival season is well and truly in full swing.

Tips for a Stunning Trip to Barcelona

Are you planning a trip to Barcelona? In this blog post you will find some very helpfull tips to plan an unforgettable city trip to Spain. Do you want to visit the beautiful buildings designed by the world famous architect Gaudi and lay down on the hot beaches enjoying the Spanish sun? Let Barcelona surprise you and get ready for an exotic city trip!

Immersing in the Museums of Amsterdam on University Trips

As the largest city in the Netherlands, Amsterdam is full to the brim with museums and artistic collections everywhere you look. The city has been part of recorded history since it was noted in a certificate in 1275, and over the years it has become a major economical, artistic, and cultural hub for Europe.

Fabulous Fashion Attractions for University Trips to Milan

For university trips to inspire your fashion or textile design students, one destination stands out: Milan. Italy’s fashion capital, Milan is brimming with designer labels and boutique stores, and annually plays host to Europe’s most famous fashion week. Not only a centre for all things sartorial, it is home to magnificent architecture, rich culture, thriving commerce and colourful characters – in short, every moment spent in Milan is one packed with inspiration and potential. What could be more perfect for students seeking ideas for their own designs? While soaking up the atmosphere will be sure to provide creative stimulation in spades, here are a few of Milan’s attractions that should feature on all fashion-related university trips’ itineraries.

Immersing in the History of York on School Trips

Where the rivers Ouse and Foss meet, in the northeastern part of England, York stands proudly as a walled city founded by the Romans in 71 AD. On school trips to York, students can become immersed in the fascinating history and learn about it firsthand.

Kingdom of Bhutan – Majestic in Undiscovered Splendor

There are certainly a lot of people who are looking to escape their current lives and just venture off on a wonderful vacation where they can free themselves of any stresses and worries. Surely, there are many exotic locations to choose from, although one of the often-overlooked choices is the Kingdom of Bhutan.

Some Interesting Towns to Visit on Your Menorca Holidays

Menorca holidays provide you with plenty of things to do and enjoy during your stay. But while you may not want to stray far from the beaches, you should still make time to explore some of the island’s most charming towns. If you are in need of some inspiration in this respect, try the following for size. All Menorca holidays should include a visit to at least some of these destinations.

Things to Do In or Near Mahon

If you have decided to visit Menorca this year you would be well advised to factor in a trip to its capital, Mahon (or Mao in the Catalan language), while you are there. Menorca holidays offer plenty for you to see and do and Mahon is well worth a day trip at the very least. Here are some of the highlights Mahon has to share with you.

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