Irelands Wild Atlantic Way: Mount Falcon Estates. Sleep in a fairytale.

East Baton Rouge Parish: The Jewel of Louisiana

East Baton Rouge Parish is located in the state of Louisiana of United States of America. Situated on the bank of the river Mississippi, it represents some of the most vibrant cultures of Louisiana. Baton Rouge is the capital of the state and is growing in terms of business, education and industrial aspects. The place is famous for the unique food, amazing music and the great people. The parish has a good mix of people from various races therefore got a colorful culture with many aspects to it. The parish also plays quite an important role in each presidential election.

The Best of Hidden Coconut Grove: Miami City Hall and Scotty’s Landing

Like to have an outing along Biscayne Bay in Miami with a little bit of culture and a lot of great food? A visit to Miami’s iconic city hall followed by a stop at Scotty’s Landing may be just what you’re looking for.

Delhi Holidays – World on Your Plate!

Foodies just love to travel to Delhi, the capital of India. The remarkable variety and the abundance of eating options in the city entice many food lovers to carefully research the internet for good eating-out options while planning their Delhi tour and before booking tickets on flights to the city of incredible flavours. While the local fare is undoubtedly more popular among foreign tourists, the country’s eclectic range of global cuisines, which are offered at speciality eateries, finds favour with the most food lovers.

Highlights Of The State Of Yucatan In Mexico For Travelers

Too many people see the state of Yucatan in Mexico as something they have to go through in order to get to the Riviera Maya. The buses that you take from other location in the north of the country almost always have to go through the state with the only exception being those coming from Chiapas. It is advised that you in fact make some time to visit this great state because there are many wonderful things that you can miss if you do not.

Houston – Offering an Unforgettable Pleasure

Houston has always been a major tourist attraction that has compelled hundreds of visitors to sweep into its heart to enjoy and cherish the various tourist destinations that the city has in offer. The main tourist spots in the city which serve as an ideal form of amusement are as follows: 1. Bayou Place – Bayou Place is located right in the centre of the city deep into the interior of Downtown Theatre District. Built over an area of about 130000 square feet, this particular amusement spot consists of a complete package of entertainment that will surely offer a very pleasant and ecstatic experience. The whole place consists of theatres, spacious lounges as well as sophisticated restaurants with delicious and quality food. The popular Hard Rock Cafe that offers a splendid musical dine- in environment really enhances the degree of satisfaction and enjoyment that one can have at this tourist delight.

Chicago – Abode of Rich Architectural Design

Chicago has always maintained a very high standard in being one of the world’s most exquisite and pleasant architectural hubs. The city has set a very superior standard in laying a perfect platform for rich architectural beauty to flounder and excel in the most authentic and commendable manner.

The High Rising New York

New York is a city that is chiefly characterized by skyscrapers and high rises. If one happens to take a complete overview of the city, one will only come across the tip of several multi-storey buildings rising in the city every other day. The whole city is surrounded by water bodies and comprises of several towering buildings which seems to be the only attraction of this place.

The Travel From Beijing to the Great Wall of China

Beijing being the capital of People’s Republic of China has got a great historical and cultural background to represent. It has been more than 800 years since Beijing has been declared the capital city of China. In the year 2008 when Beijing hosted the 2008 Olympics Games, it started inviting tourists and travelers from different countries. Beijing travel became famous at international level.

The Glitzy Parks of Chicago

There is no doubt about the fact that Chicago, Illinois is one of the most prevalent and exciting holiday spots in all of North America. Forbes magazine affirms that Chicago’s Navy Pier is the tenth highly visited tourist spot in the United States of America. For the more sophisticated, or those who just grasp the actual beauty, the Art Institute of Chicago plunks out as Chicago’s most chosen destinations.

KLCC Travel Guide – Where to Stay, Eat and Shop

Kuala Lumpur is quite a hip city and KLCC is a must-visit tourist attraction. Find out where to stay, eat and shop at KLCC.

5 Reasons to Visit Prague and Budapest in Spring and Summer

If you want to explore Central Europe and visit two beautiful cities with a mysterious and charming ambiance, then both spring and summer are great seasons to get a great travel experience. Or adventure if you prefer. Prague has been in the top 10 list of favorite European cities and Budapest is in the top 20. They both have their share in history and culture and they have plenty of things to see and do. It is superb timing for great price deals, for authentic local flavour and genuine hospitality, for enjoying nice and warm weather and stroll around these amazing cities and have a beautiful and refreshing experience.

Exploring Bacolod: 5 Tourist Spots You Shouldn’t Miss

Every October, a lively fiesta of street dancing, colorful costumes and wide-smiling masks attracts tourists from all over the world to the city of Bacolod, the capital city of Negros Occidental, Philippines. This event is the famous Masskara Festival, granting Bacolod the nickname “City of Smiles” because of the grand smiles featured by the masks of the festival dancers. If you ever find yourself in Bacolod, whether joining in the revelries of the Masskara season or simply sightseeing during any other month, there are various tourist attractions in the city you cannot afford to miss.

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