Roanoke Virginia: The Liberty Trust Hotel – stay in an old bank, it’s money.

The Costa Rica Jade Museum in San Jose Costa Rica

Travelers to Costa Rica who enjoy art, culture, and history, should take in the Costa Rica Jade Museum in downtown San Jose. It hosts the largest collection of pre-Columbian jade on earth and affords visitors a view into a culture that underwent a sudden tectonic change—-or simply beautiful art.

Trip to Kerala: Witness the Beauty

Whenever we plan our vacations it is impossible to ignore South India. If you really want to have loads of fun this is just the perfect tourist destination in India.

The Villages

The Villages, Florida is better known to its occupants as Disneyland for Adults. Nestled into the central Florida region, between Ocala and Orlando, is a community of baby boomers who give a new meaning to retirement.

Take a Ride on the Magnificent London Eye

The London Eye was opened and launched just over ten years ago to celebrate the dawn of the new millennium in the year 2000. It has won a lot of praise since for its spectacular design and the magnificent 360 degree views it offers of London. This large Ferris wheel has become such an iconic symbol of London within a couple years, rivaling the likes of Big Ben and St Paul’s Cathedral and known throughout the world.

Moving to San Francisco

The beautiful city of San Francisco is a melting pot of cultures and professions. Because of this, all the districts tend to have their own distinct characters, and even their own unique micro-climates. This is a brief guide to the most popular districts of San Francisco, and what to consider when moving to the city.

Grand Canyon Tour From Las Vegas: The Cheapest and the Best Ways to Visit This Great Attraction

Visiting the Grand Canyon is one of the must-do activities if you are in the Vegas region. Here we’ll suggest the best ways to see this natural wonder (and surrounding areas) if you are on a tight budget or if you can spend whatever you want!

The City of Bath and Its Cultural History, a Brief Guide

Once you visit the beautiful city of Bath it will be easy to see why the city was inscribed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site back in 1987; it is not just the amazing, world renowned and well preserved Georgian architecture throughout the city, or the remains of the occupation of the Roman Empire in the form of the ancient Roman Baths, but also how the city has embraced all these centuries of history and culture to form the city of Bath as we know it today. Bath is surely unique in having such a wide range of culture…

Attractions in Kerala

Kerala, a state in Southern India is complemented by being called paradise for the travellers. Its charismatic beauty is truly unmatched with any other state in India.

Undiscovered NYC: Cathedral of Saint John

Because it’s such a well known city, there are many world-famous sites in New York; central hotels give you the perfect opportunity to explore them all. But if you’re a regular visitor, someone who’s ploughed through their itinerary in record time, or someone with a little more imagination, then you might want to get off the beaten track. In such a large conurbation, there are a multitude of places that fail to make their voices heard above the PR and bluster that the Empire State, the Statue of Liberty and Central Park can muster. Here is a rundown of one of the lesser lights you might want to take a look at.

Get Sporty in Sydney

If you’re lucky enough to be booked into a Sydney 5 star hotel, remember that your holiday doesn’t just have to be about unwinding with a cool tequila sunrise on a sun-drenched beach. If you want a true taste of Sydney life, then know that Australians are fanatical about their sports, and Sydney is no different.

Paramount Canada’s Wonderland

Paramount Canada’s Wonderland is spread over 330 acres and houses over 200 attractions making it Canada’s leading theme park. With every kind of ride imaginable, suitable for both adults and children, the park attracts more than three million visitors every year.

Shopping in Shanghai

Shanghai is famous for many places such as the Bund, the Jade Buddha and Jing An Temple. However, one of the biggest activities for both locals and tourists in Shanghai is Shopping.

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