The Best Travel Photography Backpack Just Got Better: Shimoda Explore V2 Review

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Shimoda just announced their brand new Explore v2 series bags, and these might just be the best travel/landscape/hiking photography backpacks on the market. I’ve been testing out the 35L model of this bag for the last few weeks and have been incredibly impressed with their performance. In this video I walk you through the various features of the bag, and help you determine if this is the right backpack for you.

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Tourism in Florence and Tuscany

Florence and the whole Tuscany are some the most visited places in Italy by tourists from all around the world. The immortal monuments and works of art in the cities of Tuscany have unique appeal for their majestic timeless beauty.

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Gurgaon is one of the chief revenue cities in central India. Located close to nation’s capital Delhi and home to fun and unique modern tourist attractions, it is today a popular tourist destination. Head to the city on your next vacation and get busy visiting the popular tourist attractions, like Aapno Ghar, Ambience Mall, Kingdom of Dreams, and Uruswati Museum of folklore.

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Delhi – A Traveller’s City

Delhi is the Official National Capital of India which is a country located in South Asia. India is the biggest country in South Asia and therefore dominates the region in almost all spheres be it military, trade or tourism.

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Delhi is an old yet modern city. It is full of amazing tourist attractions and allures that you may visit on your next holiday. Head to the city to explore and relish it for real and pick from the best hotels for your lodgings.

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Florence Is a Favorite Destination for Luxury Tourism Too

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The Nature Side of Vegas

The very mention of Vegas brings gambling and partying to mind, but this area has a lot more to offer. The city with its surroundings has many more things to tell, things which get eclipsed by the sparkling neon lights. You can find amazing greenery, superior hiking places, lake related activities and ski slopes, as well as one of the seven natural wonders of the world not too far from this city.

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