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12 Ways To Have A Wacky Day In Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Williamsburg, Brooklyn is known for its hipster culture and unique offerings. In this guide I take you beyond the common cocktail bars and vintage shops to explore a quirkier side of the popular NYC neighborhood.

Suggested Plan for Going to Leh Ladakh With Kids

Nature is our best teacher and for a child, nothing engages their imagination like nature in its elementary form Mountains, snow, flowers, trees, rivers, clouds, rain, rainbows, lakes, fresh air and wide open spaces can you imagine the questions that will come your way when they experience some of these phenomenon’s and want to know more about how these mountains came about or how rainbows are formed. Especially for children of this generation who are hooked to television, technology and malls and they barely get an opportunity to look outside of the shell, this will be an experience that will…

The Captivating Canary Islands

Canary islands also offer a great holiday destination for the lovers of sunny beaches. The Canary Islands are made up of seven islands that are distinctively natured and with unique personalities.

Kumamon Sets a High Bar for Other Yuru Kyara Regional Mascots

Kumamon from Kumamoto Prefecture might be a benchmark for how to bring the genki back to regional areas battling the power drain that comes with ultra-ageing and decreasing populations. I visited the Kumamoto Prefecture Tokyo Representative Office in Nagatacho the other day and “upbeat” is the best way to describe the air in that office.

Tessei Makes Japanese Cleanliness a Science

So how many times have you wanted to kneel down in a public train toilet and polish the floor into a freshly smelling shine? Can you expertly wipe 100 table tops and make sure a whole 100-seat car is spic and span in five minutes?

Dance Like Fools

Awaodori is a dance that is performed in summer festivals throughout Japan, but originating in Tokushima Prefecture in the southwestern island of Shikoku. Shikoku is one of the four main islands of Japan, but the one that is often forgotten, because it does not have a major city like Fukuoka or Nagasaki in Kyushu, or Sapporo in Hokkaido.

Local Secret: Todoroki Valley

Tokyo offers a plethora of beautiful parks, from traditional Japanese landscaped gardens to European-influenced rose gardens. However, if you are looking for a walk on the wild side, while still retaining the ability to get a great cappuccino, then Todoroki is the place to go.

Good Travel in Japan Includes Good Lunch

Make lunch one highlight of your days in Japan, because food is an important and celebrated part of travel in Japan. Japanese guidebooks introduce foods, cafes, restaurants, bentos, and food souvenirs to buy for your families, friends, and colleagues.

Street Photography in Japan

Almost everyone enjoys taking photographs. In Japan, I would venture to say that EVERYONE enjoys taking photographs! Whether it be the camera embedded in modern smartphones or high end digital SLRs, cameras have become an integral part of our lives. And so has photography.

Soak in Seattle at 500 Feet

Dining in a rotating restaurant is quite the experience, especially when it includes the Seattle skyline. Seated 500 feet above the ground, the Skycity Restaurant is a punch of the Pacific Northwest.

Bethesda – Washington DC’s Peaceful Retreat

This quiet suburb hosts a number of events and festivals that make this area very special. It is very close to Washington DC and houses a number of important Government landmarks that make living in Bethesda really exciting.

4 Winter Festivals for the Traditional Lovers and Fun Seekers

Australia is a lovely place to visit, any time of the year. There are many attractions, unique wildlife, art, and more this beautiful city has to offer. Although winter may be bleak in some parts of the world, in Australia it is one of the best season to go out and enjoy.

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