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The Charming Inhambane Area of Mozambique

Situated in the Jangamo District in a province of the same name, Inhambane is one of Mozambique’s precious historic towns. With its slow lifestyle and colonial architecture, the town reminds you of the times gone by.

Lively Maputo Mozambique

Maputo is the bustling capital of Mozambique, and is also the largest city of the island nation. Most people come to Mozambique in search for a grand beach holiday but spending a day or two in Maputo gives you a different yet very interesting perspective of Mozambique.

Boat Tours in Lake Havasu City: 4 Must-Visit Spots

One of the grand factors about vacationing in Lake Havasu City is that you can enjoy some breathtaking views, especially when opting for boat tours. Read about four places in Lake Havasu City that you must visit while going on a boat tour.

There’s Something About Paris

Paris is the heart of France and some would argue that it is the heart of Europe itself. It is one of those iconic cities about which almost everyone has heard of; very few cities reach this legendary status.

Hanoi Life: Taxi Drivers

It has been noted that in most cities of the developing world taxis make up about half of the traffic on the streets of the city. In many countries the traffic is mostly composed of four-wheeled vehicles, but in Vietnam, small motorcycles make up over ninety percent of the traffic. Nevertheless, of the remaining ten percent, taxis constitute the customary half, and the taxi drivers become expert at weaving their way through a sea of swarming motorcyclists. Taking a taxi in Hanoi in best undertaken with the seat belt fastened and the eyes closed.

A Guide to Bhimtal

Named after a beautiful lake ‘Bhimtal’, surrounded with scenic landscapes, the hill-station is located in Uttarakhand just 22kms from Nainital. Bhimtal is situated at an altitude of 1370 meters from the sea level.

Midwestern Destinations: St. Paul

There are many unique destinations within the continental United States. Saint Paul, Minnesota is one of these destinations. While certainly not a small town, it is a very “American” Midwestern city that offers more than what meets the eye.

6 Facts About Wimbledon To Impress Your Friends With

Wimbledon is a suburban district of south west London. It’s been inhabited since the Iron Age when the hill fort on Wimbledon Common is thought to have been built. The common is a large open space covering over 1100 acres and is the biggest area of heathland in the London area. Most of the common is a site of special scientific interest as well as a site of importance for nature conservation. A windmill, shallow pools and watercourses run along the western edge, and nature reserves are managed by the London Wildlife Trust.

New York – The City That Never Sleeps!

New York – The city of cities and why it is the most loved city in the world. The attractions of New York and why it has got so much love for everyone.

Sagaing, Burma’s Monastic Centre Once A Royal Capital

It is said that everyone wants to have for once in his life 15 minutes of fame. When we apply this to Sagaing the city can rightfully claim to have had its 15 minutes of fame twice; the first time from 1315 A.D. to 1364 A.D. when it was the capital of the kingdom of Sagaing and the second time when it was from 1760 to 1763 Burma’s royal capital.

Burma’s Ancient Capital Amarapura, City Of Immortality

Astrologers always played an immensely important role in Burma’s history and still do so. Therefore it is not to be wondered at that Amarapura’s coming to be was initiated by and the result of the advice of astrologers at the court of king Bodawpaya.

There Are Plenty of Things To Do In College Towns

Despite their relatively smaller population, college towns have plenty of things to do. These activities include lectures, music, culture and pastimes.

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