Irwindale, CA – The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire

Botswana: Possible Rising Star in Africa

Botswana gained their independence from Great Britain in 1966. That, combined with a high democracy index provides fertile ground for a strong online presence in the years to come.

Barcelona, the Pedestrian City

Cars are a staple of any modern metropolis nowadays. They can take you anywhere, in an often considerably shorter amount of time than public transportation or your own two feet. This is why, especially in larger cities, people automatically resort to them for the tiniest of trips. One city, however, has been defying the norm for years. In Spain’s main touristic city, Barcelona, many people prefer to walk. Therefore, when taking a taxi from Barcelona airport, you will be part of a minority of people who drive, rather than walk, around.

Unique Dining Experiences in London

As one of the largest cities in Europe, London is a hub for business, education, arts, culture, media, and more. It has become increasingly popular with large and small international businesses to host a London conference. Hotels in the city can offer a great place to set up and meet with others while being in the heart of the thriving and bustling metropolis, but, when the meetings are over, being in London has the real advantage of being able to offer a plethora of dining places which range from simple gastro pubs to the high-end Michelin starred establishments. But if you want something a bit different, then why not try a few of the more unusual options such as Dans Noir?, Dinner by Heston, and Garlic and Shots.

Why Choose London Conference Hotels

When it comes to booking a venue for your function, whatever its size, there are very compelling reasons to choose London conference hotels. As a regular winner of awards for being the best conferencing city in the world, the British capital has many of the essential ingredients for hosting unforgettable events. One of the most impressive factors that the city brings to the table is the huge wealth of choice: as one of the longest established function destinations in the world, the city offers many venues including hotels and purpose-built venues within a stone’s through of many iconic landmarks.

Perth’s Rapid Growth Has Brought Many Changes to the City

All cities undergo significant transformation over time. But the changes that have occurred in Perth, Western Australia in recent years due to the ongoing resources boom have been particularly noticeable and dramatic.

China: Travel, People and Culture

One of the fastest growing economies around the world and a country rich in its cultural heritage, has for years been the defining criteria for China. Undoubtedly, the country values its culture and economy a great deal, but there is another strength that the country possesses.

The Best Fine Dining in Sydney City

If you’re heading down under to Australia, there is no better way to enjoy the heart and soul of the country than by booking a few days in Sydney. 5 Star hotel suites are in abundance in the heart of the capital of New South Wales, and soon you will find yourself ensconced in one of the top 10 cities of the world; one which has an interesting history, culture and significant influence on the world’s stage. While you are in the city enjoying a holiday or working trip, you should take the time to relax and visit some of the best restaurants it has to offer. While Australia is not included in the area covered by the Michelin guide, there is no doubt that if it were it would have its fair share of stars. So why not have your concierge book you a table at Tetsuya’s, Sepia, or Marque?

5 Must-See Spots in Germany

If you are planning to go on a German holiday, it is very important that you pick the right destinations. This way you will be able to maximize the pleasurable experience that you can get from your out of town trip. It will also ensure that you properly budget for your trip.

Top Tips for Men – Romantic Things to Do in Paris

Paris is the ultimate in romantic treats. But once you’ve picked up a great Paris hotel deal, and you’re settled in your room with all the time in the world ahead of you, how do you ensure that every moment is filled with as much romance as the City has to offer? Here are a few ideas to make sure the moment lasts.

A Quick Guide to Nightlife in Los Angeles

Have a birthday coming up? Maybe you’re just looking for a night on the town? Los Angeles has some of the best night life in the world, read our quick guide to Los Angeles nightlife and plan for a fun evening out!

Little Known London Highlights

For those who have booked themselves into a Hyde Park hotel, London’s well known sites will be an absolute highlight of the trip. The city has played a vital role in the development of the British state as an important commercial, cultural and political entity in years gone by. This legacy as a former global power has led to the development of a multi-cultural city that draws people from across the globe. Here are a few of the special places that visitors might like to explore during their stay, with many of them particularly convenient for those lucky enough to be staying in a top Hyde Park hotel. London secrets that you might be interested in include:

Hyde Park’s Crystal Palace

Hyde Park has been the home of many different exhibitions and marvels over the years, but one building in particular takes the cake as the most spectacularly impressive construction in recent memory – the Crystal Palace. It makes a fascinating subject to ponder during a stay in a Hyde Park hotel – London has seen many buildings come and go, but the story of the Crystal Palace seems to encapsulate some of the 20th century drive and energy of the city. It can be a real surprise for visitors to learn about the building as they explore the park – especially considering the building’s eventual fate. Read on to learn about the saga of the Crystal Palace!

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