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Take a Weekend Trip to the UK Capital

London, the UK’s capital city, is a city that’s world famous for a great many things, such as Buckingham Palace, where Queen Elizabeth II lives with the royal family, the Houses of Parliament, and of course, the London Eye. But London is much more than landmarks and sightseeing, because it’s also a great city to travel to with your family, your friends, and even your significant other.

Attractions in Traverse City

Traverse City is arguably one of the best cities in Michigan. Find out about some of the interesting attractions found in the city.

Golden Triangle Tour Packages – A Taste of The Northern Culture

The Golden Triangle Tour package covers the 3 famous places of northern India which are well known for its cultural heritage and the architectural wonders. The tour covers Delhi, the capital of India; the next is Agra, once it was the capital of the Mughals; and the last one is Jaipur, the land of deserts and royal kings.

Khajuraho Tourism – Enjoy Incredible Attractions

Khajuraho is known as the temple city of Central India. It is located in the forested plains of Madhya Pradesh. Thousands of tourists from all across the world flock together to see the immortal saga of Hindu art, engraved in stones by artisans many years ago. The art of the temples of Khajuraho attracts numerous visitors to the land.

Szeged Hungary Is Steeped In Rich History And Offers Something For Every Taste

Szeged offers educational, rewarding and relaxing opportunities at every turn. No matter what you are looking for in your next vacation, Szeged has it all.

Rajasthan Attractions – Showcasing the Rich Heritage

Rajasthan is aptly referred as the Royal state of India due to its various attractions which enthrall tourists from far and wide. The land has many remarkable forts, palaces, monuments and other historic places which are built by kings. The state is also famous for its colourful fairs and festivals, wildlife and sand dunes.

The Best Free Attractions in New York City

Whether you love to visit New York City or maintain a permanent residence there, you probably know that this city isn’t the cheapest to live in. Luckily, there actually a number of free attractions in the city that never sleeps, that can make experiencing New York both fun and affordable. Here are a few ways you can enjoy New York for absolutely no cost at all.

Travelling to Taiwan

Situated in the Pacific Ocean about 100 miles from China, Taiwan is a small island nation shaped like a tobacco leaf. Two third of the total area is covered by forested mountains and the remaining area consists of a hilly country platforms and highlands, plains and basins. Taiwan has many enchanting travelling characteristics which have been facilitated for the enjoyment of the travelers.

Is West Best? Finding the Cool Places to Be Entertained in West London

It has been made all too easy for the uninitiated to view West London as a rich kids kindergarten where socialite meets blue blood purely to compare upper crust with silver spoon. Recent television programming has done much to encourage this image, but I implore you to believe, the West of the capital can be so much more.

Learning Cornwall’s History Through Its Castles

You can only say you have a complete vacation to Cornwall if you have stayed at the Cornwall holiday cottages that can be found all around the county. The southwestern English county of Cornwall is one of the most history-filled areas with a rich past.

Toulouse Shopping and Dining

Set in the Midi-Pyrenees region of southwestern France on the rivers Garonne, Touch and Hers-Mort and crossed by two canals, the watery city of Toulouse with its over 2,000 years of history is best-known nowadays as the centre of France’s booming aerospace industry. The city’s central districts are crammed with a combination of the spectacular Renaissance palaces and mansions of the wealthy, the massive town hall with its uncanny resemblance to London’s Buckingham Palace.

Chester’s City Centre Activities and Tours

Welcome to one of western England’s most renowned cities – Chester. It is nestled upon the beautiful River Dee, and is famous for its historical sites. It is in the county of Cheshire, and is mostly visited by tourists on a daytrip holiday.

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